Warwick DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Warwick, the Warwick DUI attorney you hire is the most important decision you’ll make.  A DUI in Rhode Island will have ramifications over the next five years of your life and possible longer depending on past and future criminal contacts.

An experienced DUI lawyer in Warwick, like Stefanie Murphy, can help you navigate the DUI courts in Warwick to reduce or eliminate a number of fines and penalties. For example, a first offense DUI carries a three to 12 month loss of license. Losing your license in the State of Rhode Island is extremely difficult and often leads to job loss and other consequences. You also face the possibility of being on probation and having a criminal record which leads to many difficulties when trying to look for a job or volunteer at your child’s school.

Warwick DUI Attorney Stefanie Murphy Will Fight for You

Warwick, RI is the 2nd largest city in Rhode Island and averages 10-15 DUI Arrests per month. DUI penalties can be substantial, especially if you depend on your vehicle to make a living or just get to and from work.

One of my clients had a CDL license and drove for a living. If he was convicted of a DUI he would have no way of making a living. Through hard work and fighting the case, the DUI charge got amended he kept his license and kept his job.

Another client of mine, was an athletic coach and he was told if he had a criminal conviction that he would no longer be eligible to coach. Providence criminal defense attorney Murphy fought and went to trial against the Warwick prosecutor. After trial, the judge dismissed the DUI.

Warwick Court System for DUIs

All Warwick DUIs are handled in the Kent County Courthouse, which is located at 222 Quaker Lane In Warwick, Rhode Island. Misdemeanors are handled on the second floor of the courthouse in courtrooms 2B, 2C, 2D and 2E.  Specifically, Warwick cases are heard in courtrooms 2C and 2D. Typically Warwick arraignments are held in courtroom 2C.

It is critical to know where you’re going and be on time for your arraignment and DUI hearing. At the time when you go to court for your arraignment, you will appear before the judge and enter a plea of not guilty and will be given a new court date to come back to court for a pretrial conference.

For a pretrial conference, you will appear in courtroom 2D.  This court appearance is an opportunity for your Warwick DUI attorney to discuss the matter with the lawyer who prosecutes for the City of Warwick. This is the first chance for your attorney to discuss defenses and fight to get the best resolution.

It is extremely important for the attorney you hire to understand the system of each courthouse.  The better they understand the nuisances of the system and all the players, the more likely it is for you to have a positive outcome.

Law Offices of Stefanie Murphy is located in Kent County, one mile from Warwick and five minutes from the Kent County courthouse.  Attorney Murphy appears in Kent County multiple times a week and is very familiar with this courthouse.

Why You Need an Experienced Warwick DUI Lawyer

You need to make sure you have the best DUI lawyer in Warwick and the most experienced lawyer in your corner to fight for you. Once you are sentenced for a DUI there is no going back. You will get one chance to get the best result possible.

The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy is here to fight for your rights and use every available technique to give you a positive outcome. Don’t settle for just any lawyer, Stefanie A. Murphy specializes in DUI and refusal cases and can walk you through the entire process. Call for a free consultation today so she can answer all the questions you have.