Meet Our Attorney

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney I love being an attorney, and more importantly, I love helping my clients. I have met some of the greatest individuals and families through my representation. It has been my pleasure to help them through very difficult situations.

I find myself waking up at night or not being able to sleep thinking about cases and how to win them.

I have a profound respect and admiration for the law and the judicial system. Each day I appear in courthouses all throughout Rhode Island and I love being in the courtroom. I have had many successes in both jury and bench trials.

I fight hard to give every client the voice that so many clients are desperately seeking. Many clients, especially those who are wrongly accused, need a voice, and I am that voice for them.

I love being in private practice because it gives me the flexibility to pick and choose the cases and clients that I represent. I am able to focus and give each client the time they need because I do not accept or represent every client who calls me.

Everyday I love getting up and going to Court and helping my clients, I could not imagine doing anything else.