Rhode Island Child Abuse Lawyer

Child abuse is one of the most daunting and troubling crimes a defendant can face. If you or a loved one is facing child abuse charges, it is essential you speak with an experienced Rhode Island child abuse attorney to navigate through the criminal process and escape the serious consequences of these charges.

Child abuse allegations are taken very seriously by society, police, judges, and prosecutors. Being accused of child abuse can have immediate and devastating effects on your personal life, family relationships, child custody, and employment. Contact Rhode Island criminal defense attorney Stefanie A. Murphy to learn how she can put her years of experience to work for you.

Rhode Island Child Abuse Laws

Child abuse laws are governed by the Rhode Island General Law. Title 40 of the Rhode Island General Law governs abused and neglected children. Title 11 discusses Shaken Baby Syndrome, Title 23 is the Safe Haven Act.   

§ 11-9-5  Cruelty to or neglect of a child

§ 11-9-5.3  Child abuse – Brendan’s Law

See Rhode Island General Laws- Title 11, Chapter 9 for other child protection laws.

Reporting Child Abuse in Rhode Island

It is not only those who are accused of child abuse who need to know about child abuse laws. Persons engaged in certain positions who deal with children must report to the authorities when they suspect child abuse, and any person who deals with children as part of their job should consult a child abuse attorney to know under what circumstances he or she is required to report suspected abuse.

Some of the most common professions that must report child abuse include teachers and other school administrators, medical professionals and social workers.  A majority of child abuse cases are prosecuted because of people in these positions report the crimes. Knowing whether or not you are required to report child abuse is important since failure to report child abuse can lead to both civil and criminal penalties. If you think you may have to report child abuse, the guidance of a child abuse lawyer is often helpful to navigate such a serious situation.

Our Rhode Child Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Child abuse and child neglect are very serious and have serious ramifications if not handled by a skilled Rhode Island child abuse attorney.  It is important to hire a skilled child abuse lawyer in Rhode Island as soon as possible. Contact attorney Stefanie Murphy to discuss your case, your defenses, your rights and all your options. Please call (401) 316-9423 or contact us online.