How do I get an interlock installed?

The first step is to contact one of the interlock companies that operate in the State of Rhode Island and set up an account with them. Here is the list of companies and the contact information.

– A LifeSafer of RI– 1-800-634-3077
-1A Smart Start, LLC – 1-844-357-9273
A & A Interlock – 1-800-749-7791
– Intoxalock- 833-210-8203
Low Cost Interlock– 1 (844) 494-7782
Sens-O-Lock of America 401-406-3777

Once you have an account set up, the company will help you find a place to get interlock installed. These places are located throughout the state. Once you get the interlock installed, make sure you keep a copy of the interlock certificate.

The next step is to get a court order for a hardship license. Your attorney can obtain one from the court for most refusal charges during the preliminary suspension. There are certain cases where the Court may not grant you a hardship license. Your attorney would need to provide the Court with the exact time and places that you need to drive and will be only granted for work, medical or other essential places.

The hardship provision can also apply for DUI plea. If the motorist would like to be able to drive during suspension then your attorney can negotiate that provision into an offer. Typically a DUI plea will have a hard loss or hardship license for the first part followed by a longer time period of an interlock requirement. For example: a thirty day hard loss of license with a hardship provision followed by three months of interlock. In this example, you would not lose your license as long as you have the interlock installed. For the first thirty days, you could drive your car with the interlock during the set hours determined by the Court, but for the following three months you could drive your car anywhere/anytime as long as it has the interlock installed.

Please note, that once you get the Court order you have to go to DMV operator control in Cranston and get this hardship placed on your license before you can start driving.

Also, when its time to get your license reinstated you NEED an appointment at DMV in order to do this.