$500 UBER Gift Card St. Paddy’s Day Giveaway

Help Get Out the Word to Prevent DUIs in Rhode Island


As a Rhode Island DUI lawyer, I have been working on DUI cases for nearly 15 years and have seen first hand how drastically they can affect someone’s life. The fines can be as much at $2000 or more and the drivers’ license suspensions can affect a person’s livelihood. Drunk driving is a 100% preventable crime.

Driving Under the Influence can also result in the injury or death of someone else. These events are life changing for everyone involved. Families and friends are never the same. Help me bring more awareness to this issue so we can make the roads a little safer in our community.

Here are some of the scary facts for anyone arrested for a DUI in Rhode Island:

Since these penalties are avoidable I want to bring more attention to some of the other options you have before you drink and drive. That’s why I have partnered with Uber to provide one person a $500 credit to take you and your friends around town on St. Paddy’s day. In order to qualify you just need to fill out an intake form at the bottom of this page (not the “click to chat”) and write “$500 Uber Giveaway” in ”the describe your case” section.

Please help me spread the word about sober driving. Share it on Facebook and Instagram. Social pressure can make a real difference and could even save a life. I will be picking a winner on March 16th. Happy St. Paddy’s day!