Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets in Rhode Island

Traffic violations, including speeding tickets, are common. However, speeding tickets can have significant and enduring consequences which is why it is important to hire an experienced Rhode Island traffic offense lawyer!

Rhode Island General Laws (RIGL) § 31-41.1-4 outlines all penalties for traffic violations, including speeding tickets.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

First Offense:

Second Offense:

Third Offense:

Fourth Offense:

Can you use Rhode Island’s Good Driving Statute for a speeding ticket?

Yes. Under RIGL § 31-41.1-7, you can request a dismissal based on your good driving record if you do not have any traffic violations within the prior 3 years. If you do not have a Rhode Island driver’s license, you must obtain and provide to the Court a valid copy of your clean driving record from the state in which you are licensed. If your speeding ticket is dismissed pursuant to Rhode Island’s Good Driving Statute, you must pay $65.25 in mandatory court costs (which cannot be waived).

However, you cannot utilize this Statute if:

Is a “Reasonable and Prudent Speeds” ticket the same as a speeding ticket?

RIGL § 31-14-1 states:

No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing. In every event, speed shall be so controlled as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle, or other conveyance on or entering the highway in compliance with legal requirements and the duty of all persons to use due care.

This traffic violation differs from a speeding ticket in that you do not need to actually be “speeding” to get a “Reasonable and Prudent Speeds” ticket. A police officer may ticket you under this Statute where it appears you were traveling at a speed limit that does not seem reasonable or prudent for the given conditions. Many people get these tickets during snowstorms or other times of low visibility.

The penalty is always a $95.00 fine.

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