Have you been pulled over and ticketed for violating a Rhode Island traffic law?

Have you been pulled over and ticketed for violating a Rhode Island traffic law?  Stefanie Murphy can help resolve these matters in a favorable way.  If you have violated any of the following traffic laws, keep reading to see how Stefanie Murphy can help. 

Rhode Island criminal defense attorney Stefanie Murphy can help fight and win your traffic tickets. Pleading guilty, by paying the ticket, can make your insurance rate go up substantially and you could even lose your license as a result of a traffic ticket. It is important to fight the ticket and fight hard for a dismissal. 

Rhode Island allows for motorists who have a good driving record (no tickets within the last three years) to ask the court to dismiss the ticket for certain offenses.  The good driving statute is governed by Rhode Island General Law. 

It is important to hire a skilled traffic violation attorney in Rhode Island as soon as possible.  Stefanie Murphy will make the litigation process easy and efficient.  Refer to https://samurphylaw.com/law-blog.html/ for more information on DUI’s, how to handle being pulled over and if you should refuse a breathalyzer test. 

Contact Stefanie Murphy to discuss your case, your defenses, your rights and all your options.  Please call (401) 316-9423 if you would like to schedule your free consultation.  Tune into next month’s blog post for how to handle being charged with a DUI or OUI.