What You Need to Know About Juvenile Law in RI

As much as you love your kids, you know that they are going to make mistakes from time to time, especially with all the time they have had on their hands lately! If your child or loved one has been charged with a juvenile offense, it is essential that you speak with an experienced Rhode Island juvenile lawyer as soon as possible. It’s important to understand that once they have been committed of a juvenile offense, they have broken more than your trust, they have broken the law and the results of that can be devastating. But a mistake made as a young person does not set the path for a life of crime and with skilled legal representation. Your child can move past an offense and continue moving forward with a positive future. Knowing more about the crimes commonly committed by teens and how the juvenile system works can help answer your questions and take the right steps to move forward.

The juvenile justice system has a responsibility of ensuring community safety by promoting the positive development of the youth in its care. They are also responsible for recognizing that children have different developmental needs than adults. Behavioral research done by R.I. Kid’s Count, shows that most youth offenders will stop breaking the law as part of the normal maturation process and that adolescents are less able than adults to weigh risks and consequences and resist peer pressure.

Juvenile Crime

Juvenile charges range from murder, attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery, hate crimes, assault and battery, shoplifting, car theft, drug possession, DUI, as well as other charges. The most common crime committed by a child is theft or larceny, followed by vandalism.

Additional Juvenile Crimes:

Curfew violations: In some cases, parents can be held responsible if they knowingly allow their children out after curfew.

Underage drinking: It is illegal for anyone under 21 in the U.S. to buy, consume, or possess alcohol in a car, school, or public place. Underage persons in possession of alcohol and/or drinking alcohol can face serious legal consequences in Rhode Island. Persons of legal age could also face criminal charges if they procure alcohol for an underage person. It is generally a disorderly person’s offense, but drunk driving is a more serious offense that can bring fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

School Repercussions: Some activities that happen at school are considered criminal. In these situations, school administrators work with local law enforcement officials to ensure proper protocols are followed. Depending on the nature of the offense, juvenile students may not be able to return to school until the legal process has been completed.

If in Custody, How Will My Child be Released?
In most cases, juveniles will be released to the custody of their parents. In cases involving more serious crimes, your child may remain in custody. Juveniles in detention should receive them within a day. Parents who feel their children are being detained unreasonably should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact Our Rhode Island Juvenile Attorney

After an arrest for committing a juvenile crime, finding the right criminal defense lawyer is a necessity, not a choice. Just one juvenile conviction has the potential to change your son or daughter’s life in a negative manner for years to come.

The focus of juvenile cases is to protect the rights of children and their families. We want to assist your loved one who has encountered the legal system in Rhode Island. We want to help our clients not only resolve the legal issue they are facing but help get their life back on track and help their families, too.

It is important to hire a skilled Rhode Island juvenile attorney as soon as possible. Contact Attorney Stefanie Murphy to discuss your case, your defenses, your rights, and all your options. Please call (401) 316-9423 today!

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