How to get your criminal record expunged in Rhode Island?

If you are struggling with obtaining a clear criminal background check in Rhode Island or need guidance on the RI expungement law, consider seeking assistance from the top legal team in Rhode Island. It’s important to note that arrest records are accessible to the public, which includes landlords, banks, and potential employers. Additionally, a non-conviction or “not guilty” verdict may still negatively impact a background check. Rhode Island has favorable expungement laws that allow for the clearing of certain criminal charges and arrest records after a set period of time. This provides the opportunity to move forward without being burdened by past mistakes. To understand Rhode Island’s expungement laws, here’s what you should know.


To clarify, expungement means erasing a person’s criminal records or arrest history. Once expunged, the court treats it as if it never occurred, and the information is removed from all federal, state, and public records. Additionally, record sealing applies to cases that resulted in dismissal, no true bill, no information, or a finding of not guilty.


To get started on getting your arrest record or conviction expunged, first make sure you’re eligible. If you’re unsure, seek advice from a reputable attorney in Rhode Island who can review your case. Once you confirm your eligibility, file a motion at the courthouse where the charges were filed and use the expungement forms provided on the RI Courts website.The appropriate expungement forms can be found on the website of the RI Courts. Finally, the judge will need to find that you are of “sound moral character” and “successfully rehabilitated”. Even if you meet all the technical criteria for an expungement, a judge still has the ability to deny your request at their discretion. To obtain a successful expungement, it’s imperative that you make the best impression possible on the court. This is where having a Rhode Island attorney on your side can come in handy.


To sum up, expunging your record can bring several benefits, such as removing the negative perception surrounding your criminal record, opening up job prospects, and enabling you to progress in life. Although the process requires work and can be time-consuming, it is a crucial step toward regaining your self-respect and building a better future. To make the expungement process smoother and more successful, it’s recommended to utilize available resources. If you have any questions or uncertainties about the process, seeking advice from a lawyer is advisable. This will also ensure that none of your rights are violated throughout the procedure. Expunging your record can provide liberation, freeing you from the burden of having a criminal record and enabling you to move forward with your life.