How to choose a qualified criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island

Picking the right attorney can significantly affect the outcome of your case, making it a crucial decision. To make the best choice, you need to know how to find a qualified lawyer and understand the services they offer. This blog aims to guide you in selecting the right law firm by discussing important factors to consider during your search such as researching potential law firms, evaluating their credentials and services, interviewing multiple attorneys, and more.


When you are accused of a crime, it’s crucial to find a knowledgeable attorney to represent you. Make sure your attorney has experience in all courts, including municipal, state, federal, and superior courts, as some cases may be heard in more than one court. Success rate is also important – an attorney’s real-life experience matters, but experience without success won’t be helpful when you’re facing the consequences of a crime.

Local Connections

It’s highly beneficial to have a lawyer who has established connections within the local legal community. An attorney who is well-connected will have a deeper understanding of local procedures and firsthand experience working with judges and prosecutors. They will be familiar with the different approach to plea bargains and which ones are worth pursuing or avoiding. Armed with this insider knowledge, they will be better equipped to develop a winning strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Board Certification

Choosing a board certified criminal defense attorney means selecting a highly skilled professional with expertise in the legal area you require. Their focus on criminal defense, experience with numerous jury trials, and positive relationships with judges and prosecutors can improve the chances of a strong and effective defense.

Choosing the right attorney is crucial for the outcome of your case and your future. Take the time to do your research and homework so that you can make a wise decision. The consequences of the case closure will depend on how well you choose a lawyer. Make this a priority and invest your energy in selecting an attorney that will defend your criminal charge effectively. Don’t take chances as this decision will greatly impact your life.